Slate Magazine’s List of Best iPhone Apps for kids

Michael Agger of Slate magazine recently polled his readers and put together a list of the best iPhone Apps for kids. I love that he says the iPhone is the “Swiss Army knife of mobile parenting.” If you own an iPhone and have kids, you know that’s true. If you don’t have either, you should get one, because they are both very, very cool. Read his entire list of iPhone Apps for kids here.

In the article, Michael mentions that Shape Builder was “the app that was recommended by Slate readers most often.” You can download it here: Recommended iPhone App)

New and Noteworthy iPhone App

Here’s a great new app for kids! “Mister Rogers Make a Journal for Preschoolers”

Mister Rogers Make a Journal encourages children to identify and talk about their feelings about their everyday experiences like school, playtime, and friends. The App features an animated version of favorite Neighborhood of Make-Believe character Daniel Striped Tiger, who invites children to make a journal to help them reflect on the things they do and to express how they feel.

Screenshot - New and Noteworthy iPhone App for Kids

(…if you don’t already have this Preschool App, buy it here: New and Noteworthy iPhone App for Kids)

Best Babysitter App

A funny US iTunes store review showed up today and I didn’t realize that our educational iPhone Apps are perfect for young babysitters! Here is the entire review from “Peyton the girl”:

Amazing app for me too! Five stars

I bought this for my little cousin because she is always bugging me to play on my iPod and I felt bad. She loves it! I tried it before and I ended up playing for half an hour. And I’m ten years old. I bring it on the bus and this is all my friends want to play! It’s so funny seeing fifth and sixth graders playing preschooler games! Five stars definitley worth it! Love it!

Also my 13 yo sister is addicted to it! This is the 1rst app on her list! She brings it for the toddlers too when she babysits!!!

Babysitter iPhone App

Shape Builder…the perfect babysitter app…99 cents here: Best Babysitter App)

Toddler App Store Essentials

Apple has created App Store Essentials for Toddlers! Ten wonderful apps to entertain your little one!

Here’s the link to view all ten in iTunes.

Here’s the list:
Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
Curious George Coloring Book
Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game (our favorite because that’s the one we made!)
Peekaboo Barn
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox
Itsy Bitsy Spider – by Duck Duck Moose
Preschool Adventure
Disney Fairies Fly
Old MacDonald
Toddler Teasers Quizzing

Best iPhone App for Kids

If your kid plays Shape Builder, you may know that they can spend 30 minutes to an hour building puzzles all while learning! We are so happy as the public has voted Shape Builder the Best “Keep the Kids Happy” app in a recent smackdown against award winning, popular Wheels on the Bus. Wheels on the Bus and other Duck Duck Moose Apps are A+ in quality so we are flattered to be considered in an App Smackdown. Buy both Shape Builder and Wheels on the bus and your little kids will thank you!

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Screenshot - Best iPhone App for Kids