iPhone App a favorite for grandparent and grandkid!

Here’s a great email we received regarding our “Preschool Connect the Dots Game” iPhone App:

Your new program is now on my granddaughter’s “favorites” or “regulars” list of iPhone games, of which there are 5. So, even with the competition, you did good with her. I’ve looked at and have tried them. I believe it’s good to have them. Your game has even become a favorite of one of her friends and his mother will soon be buying & downloading it to her iPhone for him. You did good, Darren. Thanks.

Connect the Dots iPhone App Feedback

Just launched the Connect the Dots app with over 200 puzzles and the feedback has been great so far! Here’s 5 samples sent in via email:

Instant classic at our house…he has loved it, each time he makes a shape he yells out what it is and looks at us like he won the lottery.

Amanda and Jack fought this morning about who was going to play it….probably the only time you should feel good about children fighting! LOL.

Just to let you know, my mother-in-law is a retired teacher and not an avid fan of new technology. However, when I showed her Shape Builder, she thought it was an absolutely wonderful app for preschoolers. Most notably the ability to make them think about how the shape of the puzzle piece fits with corresponding curves, etc. The colors and sounds and encouragement from the narrator all contribute to the child’s development. Connect the Dots reinforces the child’s creativity and will no doubt be another hit! We are looking forward to seeing what you have in store in March 🙂

Great little app, many thanks! I can’t wait for the iPad to come out, both Connect The Dots and Shape Builder will be excellent for little fingers when played in full screen mode. I like that you’ve included lots of settings in Connect The Dots so a parent can introduce numbers, lower case or capital letters as required. I can’t find a method to return to the settings once play has commenced (other than exiting and restarting the app), but that is probably a good thing as a child could otherwise end up in the settings by mistake while unsupervised. A very nice polished little app, good work!

Seeing as i’ve purchased and downloaded just about every app you’ve developed for my daughter, I wouldn’t think twice about paying in the $3 to $5 dollar range for any of your apps! My daughter uses my iPhone more than I do. You truly have a talent at this. Keep them coming! Thank you!

Happy iPhone Kid

Bedtime App

Just want to let you know that Kai absolutely loves Shape Builder. It’s a nightly ritual for Kai to take his bath, play with Shape Builder (on my iphone, of course), and for us to read a bedtime book together.

Fun App is the Best

My daughter just loves the Shape Builder game. We have loads of games for her on my ipod, but she plays with your game by far the most! I am not sure what sets your game apart from the others. The other apps that I have bought seem fun, but every time I give her my ipod, she chooses your game. -Tiffany

Parent feedback on 2 year old playing iPhone App

I bought your iPhone app when my daughter was about 23 months old, she is now 25 months old. She was always playing with my phone having learned to unlock it several months earlier. However, she had never been able to do much with my phone other than flick through photos as most apps are quite abstract and require reading ability. She learned how to use Shape Builder fairly quickly and became very fast with it in a short space of time. Despite having mastered the game before her second birthday, she has not grown bored of it and is proud of every puzzle she solves! She likes to include other people as well and will often pass the phone to me for a turn. It’s very sweet when she praises me for getting a piece in the right place!

The application has helped her to develop very good eye/hand coordination as it requires actions that are deliberate, although not over-precise. Her ability to use the touchscreen in other apps has now improved, and I’m sure that Shape Builder has made that learning process easier. As much as anything else, Shape Builder is able to keep her amused on those occasions when we have to divert our attention elsewhere for a few minutes.