Shape Builder earns an edu.Mac.nation daddy score of “A”

Immediately my son was able to locate and move the pieces into position. The audio quality is fantastic, the application is stable, and the variety of puzzle types kept my son engaged and entertained. Together we worked on completing the puzzles and saying out loud what the images were.

– Michael, an elementary public school teacher, from

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Shape Builder Reviews on iTunes

“A MUST have App for little ones!!!!!” – 5 stars

by Preschool Mommy

If you’re looking for apps that are educational and entertaining for preschoolers…this one is both! It took my 5 year no time to understand how to play…and then I couldn’t get my phone back. The sound effects when the piece is put in the correct location gave him the encouragement to continue the puzzle. He has a blast with this app and I get a much needed break.

“Great Kids Game” – 5 stars

by 27ragbag

My two kids love this app. The graphics are very well done and the sound effects are spot on. I was surprised at the number of puzzles Shape Builder provides. It’s cool watching my 3 year old learn how to drag the puzzle pieces around on the iPhone screen…he gets all excited when he hears the “click” of the shapes going into place. It’s a deal for .99 cents.