Drawing App for Kids

Exclusively for tablets, Drawing Pad is fun for both kids and grown ups!

iPad App in portrait or landscape

It doesn’t matter which way you prefer to hold your iPad, Drawing Pad gives you the flexibility to create art tall or wide!

Desk Drawer for all your art supplies!



Simple and fun interface! You already know what to do! Want to paint, tap the paint brush.
Want more room, tap the drawer handle and the drawer automatically closes!

Paint Brushes!


Use Brushes to Paint in iPad App

A super palette to choose from and two different brush sizes.

Colored Pencils!


Colored Pencils for iPad App!

Only colored pencils have that unique look and so will your art!




Crayons are fun at any age!




Doodle doodle doodle 😉

Roller Pens!


Roll your finger across the iPad screen and roll some hearts, stars, bubbles and dots!

Paper choices!


Lined paper, graph paper, construction paper and more!




Multitouch support! Pinch and rotate at the same time to manipulate stickers! Lock stickers in place so you can “draw” behind them and also avoid accidentally delete one.



Erase a small amount, a medium amount, a large amount, or the whole drawing!

Save and Share!



Save your beautiful creation to your iPad iPhoto library, Drawing Pad Album, facebook or tweet your drawing, or send it off via email!

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