Parent feedback on 2 year old playing iPhone App

I bought your iPhone app when my daughter was about 23 months old, she is now 25 months old. She was always playing with my phone having learned to unlock it several months earlier. However, she had never been able to do much with my phone other than flick through photos as most apps are quite abstract and require reading ability. She learned how to use Shape Builder fairly quickly and became very fast with it in a short space of time. Despite having mastered the game before her second birthday, she has not grown bored of it and is proud of every puzzle she solves! She likes to include other people as well and will often pass the phone to me for a turn. It’s very sweet when she praises me for getting a piece in the right place!

The application has helped her to develop very good eye/hand coordination as it requires actions that are deliberate, although not over-precise. Her ability to use the touchscreen in other apps has now improved, and I’m sure that Shape Builder has made that learning process easier. As much as anything else, Shape Builder is able to keep her amused on those occasions when we have to divert our attention elsewhere for a few minutes.